Our very purpose is improvement of environmental status taken over by next generation.

Earth Re Pure (ERP) is environment-driven company run for the purpose of improved environmental status taken over by next generation.
Economic burden due to rapid economic growth in our country exceeded naturally recoverable extent, and our lives will directly face un-reusable resources and eco-system lacking of equivalence. Improved environmental status ERP believe in is “Recovery to well-being status” and “Designing the system which can co-exist with society”. Successful enhancement of offended natural ability for circulation is new way to construct right society of circulation. Designing adaptable circulation system to existent system is essential to realize such a recovery. Also, developing countries in Asia will face the same environmental issues as Japan. ERP believes our attempt can be contribution to global partnership as one experience of leading country.

Firstly, we promise prompt footwork
We think discovery and measure in the early level are the most effective ways to deal with environmental issues. It demands us to go to places and deeply understand those situations. Corresponding by documents will never enable us to solve situations.

Bio for promotion of natural recovery
ERP suggests improvement of soil, water, and air circulation by biotechnologies for more effective enhancement of natural recovery. “Bio” we refer means biological dissolution of organic compounds, and naturally happens in the nature. Stagnant of those natural circulation causes environmental issues such as soil pollution by minerals (e.g. arsenic, mercury), and water pollution represented by abnormal generation of powdered green laver. Also, industrial wastes and excavation curb circulation.

Our technologies
Experiment based on environmental measurement proved Stock Bio Technology (applied activated sludge) can recover and promote biological dissolution. Specifically, this technology is used for polluted soil on which building stands, sludge in dams, industrial drainage, dissolution of wasted oil, reuse of slime. Also, we have business to develop optimization of emulsion energies.
ERP believes our technologies can contribute to wide range of environmental aspects like production, forestry, fishery, agriculture, and development and customers which consists of various individuals and companies, or organizations.

Dissolution of slime and sludge Chugoku Electricity Inc. 2008.8~current
Dissolution of used polishing oil Nakasaku Inc. 2007.9~current
Dissolution of cullet COD Toyo Glass Inc. 2007.11~current
Purification of grease trapped drainage Kisone Inc. ~current
Improvement of water in Pond around office Amagasaki city office 2007.7.3~7.7
Fermenting nitrified mud in the sewer Ibaraki-city 2009.4 (21 days)
Naphthalene smell resolution Marubeni Inc. 2007.9 (90 days)
Fermenting cowpat(Diary region)Sakai city office 2006.10 (45 days)
Fermenting nitrified mud in the sewer Sakai city office 2006.10 (21 days)
Improvement of water in adjustment pond (Dunlop)Dunlop Inc. 2005.8 (85 days)
Dissolution of Ammonia・Hydrogen sulfide(Tokyo) Hazamagumi Inc. 2005.3 (60 days)
Dissolution of n-hexane(396,000㎡)Obayashigumi Inc. 2004.11 (20 days)

What can we do for you?
Company  Earth Re Pure Inc.
Representative   Michiko Tamura
Foundation   2006. 4
Fund    10,000,000 yen
Address   zip 661-0035 6-go, 4-ban, 7-chome, Mukonosou, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo-prefecture, Japan
Contact   TEL/FAX : 06-6433-5517  E-mail : erp@earthrepure.co.jp
Job specification  Development and Research of applied biology / Research of environmental technology/ Development and production of environment-related appliances / Soil, Water improvement・Deodorization

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